James V. Koch         

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Board of Visitors Professor of Economics
and President Emeritus
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA 23529
Born:  October 7, 1942
Marital Status: Married to Donna Stickling Koch, Two children.
Home Addresses: 
240 Keith Avenue Missoula, MT 59801-4308 
201 W. College Place, #211, Norfolk, VA 23510  (January through May 15)
(406) 721-6343 (Home in Missoula)
(757) 683-3458 (Office in Norfolk)
(757) 623-2923 (Home in Norfolk)
B.A., Illinois State University (1964)
Ph.D., Northwestern University (1968)
Ph.D., (honorary), Yeungnam University, Taegu, Korea (1984)      
Ph.D. (honorary), Toyo University, Tokyo, Japan (1987)
Ph.D. (honorary), Kyushu Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu, Japan (1995)   
Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Illinois State University (2009)
Dissertation:  The Demand Functions of the Household Sector for Liquid Financial Wealth: An Econometric Study
Board of Visitors Professor of Economics and President Emeritus, Old Dominion University, Hampton Roads, VA, July, 2001-
President and Professor of Economics, Old Dominion University, Hampton Roads, VA, July, 1990-2001 
President and Professor of Economics, University of Montana, Missoula, MT, September, 1986-June, 1990 
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor of Economics, Ball State University, Muncie, IN, August, 1980-August, 1986.
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Economics, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI, May, 1978-August, 1980.
Chairman, Department of Economics, College of Arts and Sciences, Illinois State University, Normal, IL, 1972-1978.
Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor of Economics, Illinois State University, 1967-1978.
Research Economist, Harris Trust and Savings Bank, Chicago, IL, 1966-1967.
Visiting Positions:
Visiting Professor, Department of Financial Economics and Institutions, University of Hawaii, Fall, 2001.
Visiting Scholar, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia, Fall, 1995.
Visiting Professor of Business Economics and Quantitative Methods, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, Fall, 1985.
Visiting Professor of Economics, Brown University, Providence, RI, Spring, 1975.
Visiting Professor of Economics, University of Grenoble, France, Fall, 1974.
Visiting Associate Professor of Economics, California State University at Los Angeles, Summer, 1972.
Significant Board Memberships:
WIPB-TV Public Television, Muncie, IN (1980-86)
First Interstate Bank, Missoula, MT (1986-90)
State of Montana Alliance for Science and Technology (1986-90)
Mansfield Foundation (1986-90)
Missoula Economic Development Corporation (1986-90)
National Prepaid Tuition Plan (1989-93)
Community Hospital Foundation (1989-90)
Urban League, Hampton Roads (1990-2001)
Sun Trust Bank, Hampton Roads (1990-2001)
Future of Hampton Roads (1990-2001)
Center for Innovative Technology, Commonwealth of Virginia (1990-2001)
Greater Norfolk Corporation (1990-2001)
WHRO Public Television (1993-97)
Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority (1996-2001)
Virginia Research and Technology Advisory Commission (2001-2)
MacArthur Foundation (1992-)
Bureau of Business and Economic Research, University of Montana (2003-2007)
Eastern Virginia Medical School (1999-2001, 2005-)
Esmark Corporation (including former Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Company, (2006-2008)
Academic Specialties:
Industrial Organization, Pricing, and Antitrust
Microeconomic Theory
Economics of Education
Economics of E-Commerce
External Grants Received:
National Science Foundation
German Marshall Fund
Illinois Board of Higher Education
U.S. Dept. of H.E.W.
Kauffman Foundation
Honors: Who's Who in the United States
Who's Who in the Midwest; West; South and Southwest
Pi Gamma Mu Honorary
Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honorary
Golden Key Honorary
Beta Gamma Sigma Honorary
Phi Kappa Delta Honorary
Teacher of the Year, Illinois State University, 1977-1978
Alumni Achievement Award, Illinois State University, 1985            
Executive of the Year, Missoula, MT, Economic Development Corp, 1988
Distinguished Alumni Award, Illinois State University, 1994
Tidewater Humanitarian Award, National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1996
Real Dream Award, Martin Luther King Family Life Institute, Norfolk, VA, 1998
Sportsman of the Year, Norfolk Sports Club, 2000
The Image Award, Old Dominion University Chapter of the National
Association for the Advancement of Colored People, 2000
College of Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame, Illinois State University, 2005
Foreign Language Fluency: 
Spanish (good), German (fair)
Industrial Organization and Prices (Prentice-Hall, 1974, Second Edition, 1980).
Microeconomic Theory and Applications (Little, Brown and Company, 1976).  Solutions Manual Included.
The Economics of Affirmative Action, J.F. Chizmar, co-author (D.C. Heath and Company, 1976).
Introduction to Mathematical Economics, A.O. Ostrosky, co-author (Houghton, Mifflin Company, 1980).  Solutions Manual Included.
Contemporary Personal Finance, four co-authors (Allyn and Bacon, 1985).  Workbook Included.
Introduction to Mathematical Economics, Revised Edition, A.O. Ostrosky, co-author (Waveland Press, 1986).
Presidential Leadership: Making a Difference, James L. Fisher, co-author (American Council on Education and Oryx Press, 1996).
The Entrepreneurial College President (American Council on Education and Praeger, 2004), James L. Fisher, co-author.
Born, Not Made, James L. Fisher, co-author (Praeger, 2008).
America for Sale?  The Profits and Perils of Being Hunted and Devoured by the (Foreign) Pack, Craig T. Bouchard, co-author (Praeger, 2009)
The Caterpillar Way: Lessons in Leadership, Growth, and Shareholder Value (with Craig T. Bouchard), McGraw-Hill, 2013.  Rose to #8 on the New York Times best seller list in business in November 2013.
A Benefit-Cost Analysis of Vocational-Occupational Training at Selected Junior Colleges (Springfield, IL: State of Illinois Advisory Council on Vocational Education, 1972).
An Analysis of the Process, Intent, Distribution, and Effects of Funding for Vocational and Technical Education in the State of Illinois (Springfield, IL: State of Illinois Advisory Council on Vocational Education, 1972).  Randyl Elkin, co-author.
The Distribution and Effects of Vocational and Technical Education Funding in FY-1972 (Springfield, IL: State of Illinois Advisory Council on Vocational Education, 1973), Randyl Elkin, co-author.
The Economics of Branch Banking (Chicago, IL: The Illinois Bankers Association, 1977).
The State of the Region, 2000 (Norfolk: Old Dominion University, 2000).
The State of the Region, 2001 (Norfolk: Old Dominion University, 2001).
The State of the Region, 2002 (Norfolk: Old Dominion University, 2002).
The State of the Region, 2003 (Norfolk: Old Dominion University, 2003). 
Additional Academic Programs at Florida Gulf Coast University: The Needs of the Lee/Collier/Charlotte Area (Fort Myers, FL, 2003).
The State of the Region, 2004 (Norfolk: Old Dominion University, 2004).
The State of the Region, 2005 (Norfolk: Old Dominion University, 2005).
The State of the Region, 2006 (Norfolk: Old Dominion University, 2006).
The State of the Region, 2007 (Norfolk: Old Dominion University, 2007).
The State of the Region, 2008 (Norfolk: Old Dominion University, 2008).
The State of the Region, 2009 (Norfolk: Old Dominion University, 2009).
The State of the Region, 2010 (Norfolk: Old Dominion University, 2010).
The State of the Region, 2011 (Norfolk: Old Dominion University, 2011).
The State of the Region, 2012 (Norfolk: Old Dominion University, 2012).
The State of the Region, 2013 (Norfolk: Old Dominion University, 2013).
The State of the Region, 2014 (Norfolk: Old Dominion University, 2014).
Turning the Page: An Economic Analysis of Textbooks (Lumina Foundation, 2013),  
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“Why Do People Move from One Metropolitan Area to Another?”  Chapter to appear in R.J. Cebula et al. (eds.), Economic Behavior, Economic Freedom and Entrepreneurship (Edward Elgar).
Selected Other Miscellaneous Publications:
"The Problem of Equal Pay for Equal Work," The Chronicle of Higher Education (27 January 1982).
"A University President Looks at Intercollegiate Athletics," Richmond Times-Dispatch (21 January 1991).
"Virginians Should Adopt 'Compact' for Higher Ed," Richmond Times-Dispatch (30 September 1993).
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“A Sensible Tax,” Bacon’s Rebellion  (28 January 2008),  
“User Fees in Transportation,” Roanoke Times (9 June 2008).  This piece appeared in a half-dozen other newspapers in Virginia about the same time.
“Local Economy Will Bottom Out in 2010: Interview with James V. Koch,” Inside Business (6 January 2009).
“A Word from the Economists,” Inside Business (23 February 2009).
“Let’s Raise Fuel Prices, Not Fuel Standards,” Daily Press (28 June 2009).
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“Economic Impact Studies,” Virginian-Pilot (November 2012).
“Overcoming the Inertia of Higher Education,” Richmond Times Dispatch (May 23, 2014).  
Dozens of other opinion pieces in the Virginian-Pilot dealing with Old Dominion University
Selected Consultantships:
Mid-State Educational Consultants
Northern Illinois Gas Company
State Farm Insurance Company
Synergy, Inc., Washington, DC
Curtis Engine Company
Air Line Pilots Association
National Football League Players Association
Illinois Bankers Association
Underwriters Adjustment Company
State of Illinois Advisory Council on Vocational Education
National Endowment for the Humanities
College Football Association
Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women
World Bank
Kingdom of Jordan
Weeks Seed Company
Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance
AGL Resources
Virginia Natural Gas
Dominion Virginia Resources
Virginia Manufacturers Association
Cox Communications
CW Optics
Eastern Virginia Medical School
Bon Secours Health System 
Amerigroup, Inc.
WellCare Health Plans, Inc.
Bayshore Concrete
Valley Health System
American Institute of CPAs, Washington, DC
Defense Contractors Audit Institute, Memphis, TN
CRT Tanaka, VA
Towne Bank, Hampton Roads, VA
Lumina Foundation
Consultant And/Or Expert Court Witness: Law Firms, Organizations:
Jenner and Block, Chicago, IL
Jerome Torshen, Chicago, IL
McDermott, Will and Emery, Chicago, IL
Scheider, Reilly, and Zabin, Boston, MA
Welburn and Ley, Boston, MA
Morris Michelson, Boston, MA
McMahon and McMahon, Providence, RI
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Bane, Allison, et. al., Bloomington, IL
Mort Segall, Champaign, IL
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Dykema and Gossett, Detroit, MI
Lovett and Linder, Providence, RI
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Harold Howard, San Francisco, CA
Finn and Crane, Cambridge, MA
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Dale Grant, North Attleboro, MA
Shanahan and Quinn, Providence, RI
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Renouf and Polivy, Washington, DC
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Philip Liebman, Virginia Beach, VA
Jon Paulson, Accomack, VA
McGuire Woods, Norfolk, VA and Richmond, VA
Reid Ervin, Norfolk, VA
Gary, Williams, Parenti, et. al., Stuart, FL 
Tricia Hoffler, Norfolk, VA
Hazel, Thomas, et al., Richmond, VA
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Judicial Conference of the Fourth Federal Court Circuit
Williams and Mullen, Norfolk, VA
Arent Fox, New York City
Fourth Judicial Circuit, United States District Courts
Pierce and Thornton, Norfolk, VA
Sands, Anderson, Richmond, VASouthern Coalition, Raleigh, NC
Partners for Affordable Excellence @ EDU Foundation, VA
Virginia Wind Energy Coalition, VA
Consultant and/or Expert Witness: Colleges and Universities:
Alabama A&M University
Albright College (PA)
Ashland University (OH)
Auburn University (AL)
Bethany College (WV)
Birmingham Southern College (AL)
Bishop State Community College (AL)
California Lutheran University
Coastal Carolina University (SC)
College of DuPage (IL)
Community College of Baltimore County (MD)
Defense Contractors Auditors Institute (TN)
Eastern Kentucky University
Eastern Virginia Medical School
Eastern Washington University
Florida Gulf Coast University
Florida Institute of Technology
Franklin University (OH)
Grambling State University (LA)
Hood College (MD)
Illinois State University 
Louisiana Tech University
Marian College (WI)
Molloy College (NY)
Morgan State University (MD)
Muhlenberg College (PA)
Newberry College (SC)
Nicholls State University (LA)
Norfolk State University (VA)
Regent University (VA)
Sierra Nevada College (NV)
Stephens College (MO)
Sterling College (KS)
St. Leo University (FL)
Talladega College (AL)
Towson University (MD)
Truett-McConnell College (GA)
Union Institute and University (OH, VT)
University of Central Florida 
University of Hawai’i
University of Louisiana Lafayette
United States Air Force University (AL)
University of Louisiana Monroe
University of New Haven (CT)
University of Pittsburgh (PA)
University of the South (TN)
University of Central Florida
University of West Florida
Virginia State University
Virginia Wesleyan College
Waynesburg College (PA)
Wesley College (DE)
Western Kentucky University
Western Maryland College
Westminster College (UT)
Yavapai College (AZ)
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