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Journal Articles 

Commentaries: Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made? (Part I), The John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy. August 12, 2015

"Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?”  Entrepreneur, Print,  October, 2013

"Using Event Studies to Assess the impact of Unexpected Events”  , Business Economics, 48 (2013), pp. 58-66. (Robert N. Fenili, co-author)

"Do Investors Care if Steve Jobs is Healthy?",   (Robert N. Fenili & Richard J. Cebula), Atlantic Economic Journal, 12 January 2011

"Managerial Influences on Baseball Performance: The Roles of Age and Experience,"  , Journal of Economics and Finance, 39(1), 2011. (B. Demiralp, C. Colburn, co-authors) 

"The Multifurcation of Higher Education," in The Future of Higher Education (Olson and Presley, editors), forthcoming.

"An empirical analysis of identity theft determinants in the U.S.," Review of Business Research, Vol.7, No.6, 2007

Effect of technological breakthroughs on electronic markets,  Electronic Commerce Research, Vol.6, No.3-4 / October, 2006

Public investment in university distance learning programs: some performance-based evidence, Atlantic Economic Journal, Vol.34, Issue 1, March, 2006

Much more at stake than Gewurztraminer: The U.S. Supreme Court's wine decision, Business Horizons, Vol.49, Issue 3, 2006

Plant location, ISO 9000 certifications and quality management practices: An empirical investigation, International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, Vol.23, No.8, 2006

The influence of ethnic background, gender and age on student performance in distance learning programJournal of Educational Technology,  Vol.2, No.3, October-December, 2005

The final 2000 Census state response rates: myths and realities, The Social Science Journal, 41 (2004)

TQM: why is its impact in higher education so small?
The TQM Magazine, Vol.15, No.5, 2003

"The Caterpillar Way" , 
"New York Times Best Seller" by virtue of being in the NYT Top Ten for Business Books in November.

Table of Contents of "Born, Not Made"
Chapter 1 of "Born, Not Made"

Table of Contents of "The Entrepreneurial College President"
Chapter 1 of "The Entrepreneurial College President"